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$0 Down Bankruptcy

$0 Down Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hamilton NJ

Offering $0 down bankruptcy isn’t common. At the Law Office of Mark N Glyptis, we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be stressful. Many people want their cases filed immediately to stop garnishments, repossessions and collector calls, but can’t easily come up with the full fee in advance. While most attorneys want to help, most will not file a petition unless they are paid in full. That’s why we offer $0 down bankruptcy.

Trying to put together several thousand dollars for an attorney fee may take months to years for someone who is trying to file a bankruptcy. Sometimes our clients cannot wait that long. Sometimes our clients need relief NOW. That’s why we try to maintain several funding options for our clients.

In many cases, the best course of action would be to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 allows you to pay your attorney fee over time through a Chapter 13 plan. This would give you immediate relief even though you haven’t paid the attorney fee yet. Sometimes though, Chapter 13 is not feasible for someone. In cases where a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option, we may have to look at non-traditional $0 down options.

Of course, if it’s practical, we would suggest that you simply enter into a payment plan with our office at an amount that is affordable to you. If there is an extraordinary circumstance, such as a frozen bank account or garnished wages, we can look to other options. We’ll explore some of these options below.

$0 Down Bankruptcy:

In some cases, we are able to offer a $0 down bankruptcy. In such a case, we would be able to file your bankruptcy petition with no attorney fee paid up front (you may still need to pay the filing fee up front). You could then pay the fee over the course of the next year.

Unfortunately, there are limitations to this. To be considered, you need sufficient income to be able to pay over the next year. We typically reserve this option for emergency situations such as an ongoing wage garnishment.

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