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Legal Document Preparation


We live in a document based world.  To do most things, documents play a vital role in explaining what the parties intend and how they propose to accomplish their goals.  With this in mind, we at  Glyptislaw provide standard legal documents upon request for our clients.    Some of the more popular documents we produce are common in nature, but play a vital role in a person’s life.  Some of the more popular documents we produce are:




Many individuals do not have a will.  This is not a good decision because everyone wants to decide where their assets and possessions go and by not having a valid will, you let others make these extremely personal decisions. Actually, deciding where and to whom your assets should go can be a very difficult task.  Because this is a difficult task, many keep putting it off and never actually go thru the process to have a will made.  We here at Glyptislaw understand that making a will is not an easy task, and do everything in our power to make the job easier.  Our goal is to produce a will that the individual can be confident expresses their true desires for estate distribution.  


When drafting a will, care must be taken to show the individual making the will clearly intended to make the will voluntarily and without coercion.  The individual making the will must also be of sound mind. 


Care must be taken so that the language within the will is clear as to the intentions of the individual.  If the language is not clear and different people can attach a different meaning to the provisions within the will, confusion can arise which can make all or part of the will invalid.   A court has to be able to understand and interpret your last intentions clearly.  Drafting a will with unclear language will only cause difficulty for everyone who reads the document.  Heirs will become confused and conflict will arise between them.  



We offer a review service if you already have a will and have questions as to the will’s ability to distribute assets with your true intentions in mind.  As we go thru life, our goals and needs may change.  To keep up with the changes a person might have as they go thru or continue on their journey of life, a will should be reviewed periodically to make sure it still reflects the individual’s current needs and desires.   We can make amendments to an existing will that needs to be updated for changes.  In addition, we can draft you a new will as well as handle revocation and execution issues.  




Basically a Power of Attorney is a document that gives legal authority for an individual or group to act in the name of another individual when making decisions.  Often times, individuals cannot make decisions on their own because of various issues like being away or illness.  The Power of Attorney grants a person you trust to act on your behalf.  


A Power of Attorney can be drafted in different ways.  It can be drafted to be general in nature and grant all of your authority to another party.  It can also be made for a limited purpose or task and or for a very specific period of time.  The scope of a Power of Attorney can be broad and can include many different tasks.  


For example, Medical issues, in the form of an advance directive that clearly states what their wishes are for medical care in a situation where they cannot speak or express their desires.  The advance directive also designates an individual with decision-making authority. 


A Power of Attorney can be used in various business matters, where a person would be away and not able to tend to matters themselves directly.  Having another party handle daily financial and management decisions regarding their money are common reasons for a Power of Attorney.  This is useful, especially for older people who lose the ability to do these routine tasks themselves.  


We at Glyptislaw are here to handle your legal document needs.  Call us today for insight into what other legal documents we routinely produce for our clients.  

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