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Real Estate


Nobody likes paying more for their property tax.  One of the ways a municipal government raises your taxes is thru the process of reassessing your home’s value for tax purposes.  Invariably, the assessors who usually are a private company will come up with an assessment that is higher than it should be.  When your property is assessed to a higher value, your taxes get raised.  Unfortunately, when this happens it causes some financial distress and slowly erodes away your ability to keep you home.  


If you feel that your taxes have been raised to a level that you object to, call Glyptislaw. We will represent you in an appeal of your tax assessment.  We will take care of the paperwork and enter into a negotiation with the municipal authority to get your taxes to a realistic level.  


In our negotiation, our goal is to show the municipal authority that your taxes are unfair and that you deserve a reduction.  We offer a flat fee for this service and know how to go about proving you deserve a reduction.  Let us get your taxes lowered. 

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