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About our Company

Mark N. Glyptis has had several careers during his work life.  Interestingly enough, he has also worked in all the fields he received a diploma in.  Currently, he is working as an attorney,which was his ultimate goal all along.  Settling as an attorney is most appropriate since it was his childhood dream.  No matter how much he enjoyed his other career fields, the law was where his heart was and still is. 


Mr. Glyptis has graduated from college 4 separate times.  He started his academic career out at the College of New Jersey, graduating from there with two separate degrees.  He received that school’s Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1980, while also later in 1986, receiving his Masters of Arts in Teaching Degree.  In addition to the College of New Jersey, Mr. Glyptis also graduated from Mercer County College with a Degree in Computer Operations and Programming in 1985.  However, his most prestigious college graduation occurred in 1993 when he graduated from Whittier College School of Law in California. 


Mr. Glyptis began the actual practice of Law in 1998.  Initially, he was in General Practice handling all areas of the law.  Slowly, Mr. Glyptis focused his practice on New Jersey Bankruptcy Law.  In addition to this, he also had an interest in New Jersey Criminal Law matters and actively practiced Criminal Law in addition to handling Municipal Court Cases. 


His practice evolved and eventually, Mr. Glyptis focused on practicing both areas almost exclusively.  Mr. Glyptis worked locally as a Bankruptcy attorney in Hamilton.  Later he branched out and handled matters as a Bankruptcy attorney in Trenton.  All the while, still serving the central New Jersey area practicing Criminal Law as well as Municipal Court Law.  Mr. Glyptis worked on the County level as well as the Municipal level in central New Jersey for years as a Municipal Public Defender. 


Currently, most of his practice has Mr. Glyptis working as a New Jersey Bankruptcy lawyer.  His Bankruptcy practice handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petitions.  Mr. Glyptis prides himself on providing top-notch legal service within the confines of a small law firm.


 At Glyptislaw, the client gets personal attention because Mr. Glyptis personally oversees each and every case.  He prides himself on providing the individual attention that Bankruptcy cases require. 


In addition to Mr. Glyptis’s personal guidance, his staff also checks and double-checks each and every case.  This attention to detail and oversight is often lost at large, cookie cutter firms, where most of the work is done by paralegals and support staff.  


At Glyptislaw, each and every Chapter 7 and 13 Petition is reviewed by not one but two Bankruptcy attorneys to make sure nothing is overlooked and all is in order.   Every step of the way, your case is given the proper review that every Bankruptcy case deserves.   Thus, when we do your case, you know it is done correctly!   


If you need expert Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy services from an experienced law firm that provides a personal touch, contact our firm where we take the worry out of Bankruptcy Law.  We handle everything and make sure you get the Fresh Start that the Bankruptcy System was intended to provide. 


Also, if you need a caring advocate for any Criminal/Municipal Court matter, contact us.  We will provide the same individualized attention that we provide in handling Bankruptcy Law matters.  Your case will get the attention it deserves!

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