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Key facts about Bankruptcy you need to know

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Whether a person actually qualifies for Bankruptcy is a question that requires careful consideration.No matter if it is for Business or Personal reasons, the decision to file for Bankruptcy is not one to be taken lightly.

Many individuals experience financial difficulties through no fault of their own. Common problems that arise are:

1.  Job loss
2.  Wage Garnishments
3.  Inability to meet their monthly financial obligations to pay their bills including consumer credit debt
4.  Being harassed by creditors 
5.  Divorce and upending their financial lives.

A potential Bankruptcy filer, be they an individual or a business have many options to consider.  In considering your options, it is vitally important that you have the advice and counsel of an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney.  Although a person or business can technically qualify for Bankruptcy, it might not be the best choice to resolve their financial problems. 

The advice and counsel of an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney will give the necessary guidance that is needed to actually understand the process.  In this way, the potential Bankruptcy filer could become familiar with the process and be able to make a truly informed decision.  Thus, the question of whether I qualify for Bankruptcy, all things considered, can be answered in an informed manner.


We believe you deserve excellent representation

1. All things considered, do I qualify for bankruptcy?

2. Can I go it alone, or do I really need an attorney?

3. What is it actually like going through bankruptcy and what can I expect the results to be?

4. Selection of an attorney and the importance of that first office visit

5. Information or documents that the bankruptcy attorney will need to start

6. Actual processing of the bankruptcy petition

7. The actual filing of the bankruptcy petition

8. Meeting of bankruptcy creditors

9. Getting a discharge in your bankruptcy case

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For personal, otherwise known as consumer bankruptcies, there are basically two choices:  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  In Chapter 7, the objective is to discharge or eliminate a person's debt. This includes medical bills, judgments, credit card debt, liens, DMV surcharges and even personal loans. Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition also stops collection efforts by your creditors. Seized personal property, bank levies, garnishments and even utility shutoffs are also stopped. 

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is the alternate choice for individuals who can not file a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy petition. Chapter 13 is used when either the individual does not qualify under the Bankruptcy rules for Chapter 7 or it would be in their best interests to not file a Chapter 7. Your Bankruptcy attorney will work with you to customize a chapter 13 plan that is in your best interest and that is in compliance with the Bankruptcy Rules.



Criminal matters are amongst the most serious a person can face when dealing with the law. At Glyptislaw, we offer our clients compassionate guidance, and the experience, ability and legal knowledge to help achieve their desired results. 


We handle all areas of Criminal/Municipal Court law. Each area has its own unique issues and it takes an experienced attorney to be able to get through them in the most desirable way for the client.

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