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What a Real Estate Attorney Does and When You Might Need One


Real Estate transactions involve the legal transfer of property. As such, a real estate

transaction can get complicated. These complications can and do pose a problem for the person who is unfamiliar with them. Indeed, if a party to a real estate transaction is not careful, they can make mistakes. Very costly mistakes that can cost them many thousands of dollars or in the alternative, cost them the deal or transaction itself.

Real Estate deals very often fail, and just signing a Real Estate contract is just the beginning of a long and difficult process that could blow up and leave the parties at a loss. Expertise is needed to shepard the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Ways in which an experienced Real Estate Attorney can help :

Contract Review

It all starts with the Contract. However, the average person really does not have much experience reading contracts in general, and real estate contracts in particular. If you do not know what the various parts of the real estate contract mean or don’t know their ramifications, you are playing with fire. Not knowing the meaning of the language in a contract means in essense that the person signing the contract does not know what they are signing. Who wants to take that risk?

Only an experienced Real Estate Attorney can know, based on their experience and expertise what the various parts of the contract mean and the consequences of each. Real Estate Contracts are generally given a time period for the contract to take effect. This time period is called the attorney review period and it usually lasts 3 days. It is critical for the protection of the parties to a real estate contract to get the contract interpreted during this review period for maximum protection. Without an attorney to review the contract and explain it to you, basically, the person signing the contract is opening themselves up to unknown situations that could put them at a disadvantage in the real estate transaction.


Having a real estate attorney for your property transaction can be quite helpful.

Most people entering into real estate contracts have anxiety associated with entering into the contract in general, and also if anything will go wrong.

Having the assistance of a real estate attorney will help give the individual peace of mind. This peace comes from the knowledge that even if the transaction fails, there is someone experienced in these matters looking out for their best interests. Indeed, the presence of an experienced real estate attorney can avoid many of the pitfalls that an inexperienced person can fall into.


Real estate transactions can be difficult at times, and overall rather tricky. If you are an inexperienced person dealing with a real estate contract, often, you will be in for a rough time. Simply, there are so many pitfalls for the inexperienced person to recognize and avoid. Having an expereinced attorney by your side handling the rough spots and seeing that the pitfalls are avoided can help ensure a smooth transaction.

At Glyptislaw, we have years of experience representing both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Furthermore, we understand that buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest transactions a person will ever make. We have years of experience in residential real estate transactions and know how to steer one to a successful completion.

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