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Why You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney for Your Case

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Getting legal counsel when defending your Social Security claim is not compulsory. However, according to the statistics, the most successful claims are those represented by expert legal counsel.

It is worthwhile to go into depth about the various advantages of employing a disability attorney, and we will help you with the "why" as you read on.

Why You Need to Work with a Disability Lawyer

The likelihood that your application will be approved is the main justification for hiring an attorney to assist with your disability case. While it is undoubtedly true that some individuals who apply for benefits on their own are approved, statistics show that Social Security is more inclined to endorse an applicant who is represented.

The disability lawyers at the Law Office of Mark N. Glyptis know how to present a case in the most favorable light for their clients from the very beginning of the process to the hearing phase and beyond. When submitting your initial application, our specialized attorneys can assist you in focusing on the information that is very compelling to Social Security.

Disability Attorneys like those at the Law Office of Mark N. Glyptis can advise you on your alleged onset date of disability, make the case that your condition qualifies as one of the impairments listed in the blue book of impairments, and so much more. Attorneys can gather and submit pertinent medical evidence at the reconsideration and hearing levels, get your doctor's opinion, draft a detailed precis to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and educate you on all you need to know before the judge's questions at the hearing.

To prove that you cannot work, an attorney also can and often will collect useful testimony from you during the hearing and may even interrogate an industry specialist or health expert.

If the need arises, your attorney can also create complex legal arguments to demonstrate that Social Security incorrectly denied your case at the subsequent appeals stages, the Appeals Council, and federal court.

When You Must Contact Legal Counsel for Your Disability Case

It is always safer to contact a disability attorney the moment you need one. Contact a disability lawyer if you're even thinking about applying for disability. Your lawyer can support you with your initial application and assist you in assessing the strength of your case. While some choose to proceed through this stage unaided, you're more likely to be accepted if you have legal counsel.

If engaging a lawyer to assist with your original application is a wise decision, doing so after you have been initially denied should be an even wiser choice of action. A disability lawyer can sometimes speed up the process if your health condition has reached the "fatal" stage or if your financial situation has greatly suffered. Speeding up the case also boosts your chances of winning the case overall.

During a disability claim, the Law Office of Mark N. Glyptis is your best bet for getting the justice you deserve.

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